Here are some things to read, watch and buy. These things have made me smile, think, or change the way I do things for the better. Click on the photos or highlighted text for links to the things.

Things to Read


On living simply.

On factory farming.

On owning only what you love.

On making no garbage.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck – Mark Manson of
Fear Is Why We Have Too Much Stuff– Leo Babauta of

Things to Buy

Use these sustainable things instead of single-use plastic things


Banish plastic water bottles and give clean water to someone in need. Double hero.

Wage war on single-use plastic utensils.

Slay plastic produce and bulk bags.

Murder plastic food storage, single-use cups, and wedding centerpieces.


Compostable toothbrushes destroy plastic counterparts.

Tiffin food storage for sexier lunches.

Nonstick pans? Boy, bye. I’m leaving you for cast iron.


Ladies leave your pads at home.

Eco-friendly toilet brush? Yas.

Things to Watch


Everything narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

The Blue Planet and Planet Earth Series
(Planet Earth1 is on Netflix, Planet Earth 2 is not)

Beautifully shot, all about dams.

barry schwartz the paradox of choice

Dr. Barry Schwartz “The Paradox of Choice.”

ted talk stumbling on happiness

Dan Gilbert “The Surprising Science of Happiness.”

happiness index

Nic Marks “The Happy Planet Index.”


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