Kiss That World Podcast

kiss that world podcast

Do you routinely tear up during the last five minutes of Planet Earth, desperate for a call to action? Do you fall asleep wondering how can I help make the planet a better place? And can I do it while remaining a functioning part of society? Well, here’s lookin’ at you kid.

After following the breadcrumbs of trying to live a sustainable life, I realized the more I know, the more I have to learn. Join me on my dream job interviewing change makers from across the globe (actually, more like a dream unpaid internship).

Like mini natural science classes you can take with you anywhere you go, we are going to connect to people and the world around us. Learn from everyday environmentalists. Experts, entrepreneurs, educators and enthusiastic beginners. Because everyone knows something you don’t.

If you have a topic you’re interested in, person you’d love to hear from or just want to share your spirit animal with me – drop me a line at hello@kissthatworld.com

… coming this fall