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Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas

eco-friendly wedding gift ideas

I am a woman of a certain age. Which means that a large wave of my friends and family are deciding to get married to each other all at the same time. This is the second wave, and those that got in early are now starting the next phase and making small people.

Weddings are big ol’ dreamy, dramatic, sobby, lovey, boozy parties that cost everyone a lot more than they thought it would. I love ‘em! People get to register for things. Like when you are a kid and make a giant scrolling list of what you want for Christmas. They put on all sorts of stuff that they want and that theoretically prevents people from buying them 5 toasters.

But not always. There are people like me who think that the registry, though practical, really sucks the fun out of the whole gift exchange. In fact, out of the dozen or so weddings, I have attended in my life I do not think I have ever bought off the registry. I did once for a baby shower but someone else got the exact same thing anyway so now I feel supremely validated.

This means that if you invite me to your wedding you will get something unexpected. Maybe even unwanted (sorry, I tried!). But that’s why re-gifting exists.

So here are some things you can delight the bride to be with, or at the very least stand out from the crowd.

For the Bachelorette/Bridal Shower

The only time in a gals life where she can get lingerie for the next 10 -50 years! So get something beautiful, or weird but make eco-friendly. While I advocate for recycled and second-hand fashion, wedding day lingerie might be where the line in the sand is drawn. Lucky for all of us there are some beautiful and eco-friendly alternatives.

Get her a massage. Get a gift certificate to a reputable place- or not that’s on you… Wedding planning is stressful and who needs an excuse for a massage?

Gift Practical

Remodeling a house is not sexy- it’s expensive. If the happy couple is living in a fixer upper why not a gift certificate to Lowes or Home Depot? Do they have kids? Offer up your supreme babysitting skills. The least exciting gifts at Christmas are socks and underwear. But they are the ones you use the most.

Gift Time

On a tight budget? Offer your time! They have a million things to do to get ready for the wedding or baby. Help build some ikea furniture. Paint a wall. Set up the alter or wrap a million place settings. You have no idea how grateful they will be.

Gift Your Craft

If you have a skill you can offer to make something for their wedding. Pinterest is full of stuff. Maybe you are a photographer- gift some engagement photos.

Gift Date Night

Perhaps something the couple can enjoy together. A gift certificate to a really nice restaurant. Is there favorite band rolling into town? Try some concert tickets.

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