Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Sometimes I’m a little basic. Ya, so…. YA, SO! What’s it to ya if I want to have one pumpkin spice latte a year, go to semi- formal occasions in athleisure wear and hang macrame crafts on my wall?! Cast your stones. But all this can be yours, too. Read on for an easy DIY macrame plant hanger tutorial. It’s like the friendship bracelets of your childhood meet your love fern aspirations of your present.

There are a lot of ways to make an easy DIY macrame plant hanger, and a quick pass on Pinterest will tell you so. The first thing you are going to need is some cord or string. The thicker the better and the bulkier the cord the more prominent your knots are going to be. There is specific macrame cord you can find on Amazon and box retailers near you. You will also need a ring, bracelet, defunct key chain, wood hoop….  something round to attach your creation to and hang from. Scissors to slice and dice your cord and some knot know-how (which can be obtained on the Youtube).


  • Cord (pref cotton)
  • Circular ring to dangle from
  • Scissors to cut cord
  • Knot knowledge (history with boats, boy/girl scouts or access to Youtube)

Steps for creating your one of a kind, (oh so basic) easy, DIY macrame plant hanger

  1. Cut that cord. Make it at least twice as long as you want your plant to dangle. The more knots you make the shorter the hanger will be. You will need at least 4 lengths (8 when folded in half)
  2. Loop the cord through your ring thing. All 4 plus pieces folded in half with the middle section of the cord and the ends dangling all at the same length at the bottom
  3. Tie a single knot with all the strands around the ring to secure their position
  4. Get knotty! Draw on your infinite creativity and start trying some knots. I’ve included some basic ones below. Essentially you are making a basket to put a plant in. So make sure that you are tieing knots with neighboring strings to create a plant cradle
  5. Secure the bottom using the same single knot all strings technique you did in step one.
  6. Hang it up and insert the plant.
  7. Marvel at your creation

Here are some basic knots: Real simple like   Square knot   Josephine Knot     And a video with a few misc

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