DIY Glass Spray Bottle

This one is more of an up cycle than an actual DIY as I am not in the business of glass blowing. While making the switch from plastic to glass in my life, replacing some of the items has been slow going. For a number of reasons, it is impractical to replace all of your belongings all at once. Nor is it sustainable to do so. In fact, the greenest products are the ones you already have… But I am willing to bet you already own what you need for this project


  1. A glass bottle with a slim neck that will fit a spray bottle top
  2. A plastic spray bottle sprayer

And that is it. I used a glass iced tea bottle that I was planning on recycling and the spray part of an ancient window cleaner. I cleaned out the spray nozzle by spraying warm soapy water through it. Then pumped clean water until it no longer bubbled nor smelled of Windex. Simply screw it on to your bottle and VOILA! Dat’s it.

I am using mine with water to spray all of the indoor plants I just adopted. But you really can put anything liquid in there. I am planning on making another one for cleaning products next time I have a tea. (I use 1:1 ish ratio of apple cider vinegar and water.  You can add a few drops of 4 thieves oils for an all purpose cleaner that smells pretty good and is safe.)

Since the whole point is to avoid plastic, and the spray bottle head IS plastic store with the original bottle lid and only put the sprayer in when you need it. This is especially helpful if you are using any essential oils which can break down the plastic in your bottle.

Now you look cool, did a little up cycling and know how to make your own all purpose cleaner.

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