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24 Ways to Save Water This Summer

24 ways to save water this summer kiss that world blog photo of turquoise water with playful bubbles

Saving water is good. The end. Everyone knows it is a finite resource that is already very limited in places prone to drought and likely to be the cause of the next world war right? Right! Also, Water is the essence of moisture and moisture is the essence of beauty so we all need to start conserving to be better looking… Which, when you get down to it is what really matters. If  I haven’t yet convinced you that saving water is a good idea, it will also save you money. If that didn’t do it just go ahead and turn all of your faucets at full blast and then go on a month-long vacation. For everyone else here’s 24 ways to save water this summer:

  1. Turn off the faucet while you are brushing your teeth or washing your hands or face
  2. Use water from boiling pasta to water your plants (when it cools down)
  3. Put a bucket in your shower to catch extra water while warming up the shower and use this in your garden
  4. Put a brick in your toilet (the average flush is 1.5 gallons!)
  5. If it’s yellow- let it mellow. To your comfort level…
  6. Take a shower over a bath
  7. Shorten your shower by just one minute
  8. Start a competition in your household to see how low you can go
  9. Get cray-cray-ba-nay-nay and turn the shower off between soaping and rinsing
  10. Don’t water your lawn during peak heat hours
  11. Banish wounded soldiers… Use a reusable water bottle!
  12. Wash laundry when full, and run on cold (saves on energy costs)
  13. Set a reminder to dry your laundry right away to prevent it from molding
  14. Wear your clothes longer between washes (exception of socks, undies, and sweaty workout gear)
  15. Only run the dishwasher when full
  16. If you are hand washing, wash and rinse in bulk turning the faucet off between each piece
  17. Use your baby/pet bathwater in the garden
  18. When you are at a restaurant only order water if you are going to drink it all
  19. Pour leftover restaurant water into your reusable water bottle
  20. Use an insulated bottle or cup to keep ice water cold during the summer
  21. Support community pools! An economical way to cool off is at a public rec center
  22. If you have a pool- get in it!
  23. Keep pools covered to prevent evaporation
  24. Fall in love with last years swimsuit all over again. It takes a lot of water to create any piece of clothing. Keep that in mind when hunting for new gear

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