Praise for the Pod

This podcast is great! Meghann is not only entertaining but she really inspires you to take a step back and reevaluate your lifestyle choices and informs you on how you can single-handedly make a difference in the world. I’ve realized there are a lot of little changes I can make to become more eco-friendly and “kiss the world”. Changes as little as saying no to straws! I look forward to more episodes. You rock Meghann!

– KailaMichelle

Insightful, informative, and entertaining!

I found this podcast to be very uplifting and informative – it makes the world feel smaller and the problems that we face in the environment something that we can tackle together, one small step at a time!


Delightful, Insightful and Fun!

This podcast is changing my life. You and your guests are making me rethink what and how I consume. Thanks for giving me something positive to look forward to every week! Here’s to saving the world one plastic straw at a time.


Changing my life!!!

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